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Mickey Curtis’ first art exhibition : Opening party! Great heat!

More than 300 people attended the opening party. It was a really fancy and energetic party.
Noh performer Shonosuke Okura (holder of the overall designation of Important Intangible Cultural Asset) played the wrapping, and the whole audience was “wrapped” in it!
It was a glamorous event with the presence of Kyoko Takami, Hideyuki Nakayama, and Non-chan, all junior staff members of NABEPRO.
Mickey Curtis’ popularity and cute art made Daikanyama a power spot. Celebrity is not just about being famous; it is about having some special talent that makes you famous.
So, their aura will shine with a special light. And the celebrity will shine brighter with the love of countless people who also support him or her.
Thank you all so much! The exhibit will continue without a break until October 9!💫
Art can be sold immediately on the spot and taken home at a price of 50,000 yen (tax not included) for a standard size.
We sold almost 20% of our 300 tickets on the first day yesterday!
Please come and see it as soon as possible.
◆Outline of the event
Meekie Curtis / Art Exhibit
Date & Time: October 1 (Sat) – 9 (Sun), 10:00 – 19:00 (until 17:00 on the last day, October 9)
Urban Resort Daikanyama 1F, 1-3-12, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Organized by Speedy Gallery, Inc.