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Try the Awamori [Gotouma Mizunara] that our Okinawan friends worked so hard to create!

Try the branded awamori our Okinawan friends have worked so hard to create!
Highly recommended!

We will start crowdfunding at Masahiro Sake Brewery on December 1!

The regular price for one bottle is 13,200 yen (including tax), but we will sell it at the special pre-sale price of 11,600 yen (20% off) (including tax and shipping)!

What is a five-horse quercus…?
Gotouma is made by soaking 16-year-old Awamori for a year in rare Mizunara oak barrels often used for Japanese whiskey.
It has a sweet aroma like honey and brown sugar with a gradually spreading oaky aroma, fruity freshness, and floral notes like lavender.

We also have many other products that can only be purchased here, including a five-horse drinking set that comes with a 16-year old Awamori sake and a five-horse Mizunara with bottle necker, which is limited to the first 10 customers ✨.
Please check it out!

🔽Here’s the crowdfunding page! 🔽
*If you register as a “favorite” on the CAMPFIRE page, you will be notified when the application process starts, which is very convenient!

We look forward to your support!