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Speedy Resorts Palm Desert :Open from December 20, 2022 (3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms)

Speedy Resorts Palm Desert
Finally, our facility will open around December 20! 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, shiny living room and kitchen. Colorful finishes! There’s even a bidet!💫
Palm Desert is a neighboring city to Palm Springs. We had many missions on this trip to the U.S., but an important task was to do a final check of this facility.
Palm Springs, called the “Oasis in the Desert,” is a recreation area less than two hours by car from Los Angeles. It is the same distance as Tokyo and Karuizawa. But this one takes less than two hours by car. In the past, Sinatra and Monroe avoided the winter season in Los Angeles and spent their vacations here in the warmer climate. High season is from October to May.
Today, many fashionistas have turned the area into a fashionable area with a mix of colorful and modern restaurants and cafes. The right mix of mid-century style and colorful modernity of the 21st century has created a unique design culture. This sense of style is called “Paim Style,” and many architecture and art photo books have been published.
↓Palm Style’s Instagram
And this is not just a place to relax. While there are plenty of ways to play…
1. Palm Canyon Road : absurdly fashionable interior, art, restaurants, and enjoyable nighttime food vendors.
Joshua Tree National Park: 40-minute drive for hiking in a wilderness that looks like a UFO might appear. There are many campgrounds in the area and you can enjoy the starry night. There is also a town (Pioneer Town) that looks like a western movie, which I introduced the other day.
3. Coachella Music Fest: 20 minute drive from our house to the venue. The next event is next April, so book early. This time of year, even a regular airby costs about $2000 a night! (I will announce the reservation site shortly)
There are other ways to have fun! I haven’t covered all of them, but I’m going to try them little by little.
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Speedy Resorts Palm Desert
45868 San Luis Rey Ave,
Palm Desert, CA 92260
3Beds 3baths
1,736 Sq Ft