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Miami Miscellaneous
I’m not sure if I can get an Uber in English or not, but it’s hard! I like that the people are passionate and jovial.
I have no direct flights like before Corona, so it’s hard to go over the time difference twice, from Tokyo to LA and from LA to Miami.
I was there for the art fair so I could see a lot of art, but the wonderful weather is not art oriented.
Florida, including Miami, is also a resort for Trump and the rich, and since it is the same time zone, it is a place for New Yorkers to go. Maybe people from Los Angeles are a bit out of place.
The mayor is enthusiastically aiming for a crypto city, but the city is too realistic and has zero virtual currency feel.
From Los Angeles, there is a great playground called Vegas, so if you want to play, that’s the place to go.
That’s all from the field!