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Speedy Resorts Okinawa : No more mosquitoes with “Mosquito Magnet”!

Speedy Resorts Okinawa
The other day
Yasuyuki Takashima
I was able to purchase a “Mosquito Magnet” in Okinawa, which Mr. Takashima told me about!🦟
Mosquito Magnet (literal translation: mosquito magnet
) is a mosquito magnet born in the U.S. exclusively for outdoor use.
Carbon dioxide generated by LP gas combustion (preferred by mosquitoes) is released over a wide area (35m radius). It is said that mosquitoes are attracted to the “octenol” (attractant), an animal extract produced by biotechnology, which is set in the emission port, because they perceive it as an animal. Directly above this is a suction port with a trumpet-shaped vacuum force, from which mosquitoes are sucked into a capture net inside the main unit. Mosquitoes sucked into the net dry out in a few hours and accumulate at the bottom of the net.
Because it does not use poisons like pesticides, it does not affect children, the elderly, or pets at all.
In summer, propane gas must be replaced 1-2 times a month, but the area of protection is also extensive, with a 35-meter radius, and is used for commercial purposes, such as hotels in the tropics.
1. do not use insecticides
2. wide range of effects
3. harmless to children, pets, and plants
4. quietness
5. rainproof design
6. automatic ignition by battery
Found a blog post that measured the effectiveness of WW.
625 fish in 26 days. 24 fish /day 1 fish acquisition cost 13 yen.
It was strange that in the 21st century I continue to fear mosquitoes, but I spent three years in Okinawa fighting them every day. I have tried many things, but I hope this final weapon will end my battle with mosquitoes…it costs about 260,000 yen…the initial cost break-even point after acquiring 20,000 mosquitoes🤣
◆Reference video
Mosquito Magnet’s Patented Technology