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Design Management Club/DMC: Moderator at Naoki Sakai’s salon offline meeting!

I was the host for the annual salon off-line meeting of Naoki Sakai, a conceptor!
Once again, the event was lively and fun with a large turnout.
With the end of Corona, businesspeople are once again looking for real places to do business. I realize that the online establishment is returning and re-evaluating the real. Meet, get to know, work. This kind of revival is not a bad thing.
Our speaker was Mariko Hashimoto of RECEPTIONIST, Inc.
You have a very unique startup. Read the interview below for more information.
Traveling Your Career. A former receptionist and mother of one talks about the new era of “success” and “work style” of CEOs.
Looking forward to the next one!
Mr. Sakai’s salon membership is below.
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Design Management Club (hereinafter referred to as “DMC”) is a members-only management online salon where the brightest minds in the business world gather. It is the highest peak of knowledge gathering where you can interact with first-class members. The DMC is an innovation community where members can navigate the rapidly changing world with resilience, presented by Naoki Sakai, a conceptor.