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俳優・アーティスト ビリー・ゼインが案内するパサデナツアー!

Hollywood star and artist Billy Zane guided us a tour of Pasadena, a suburb of Los Angeles where he lives.
The city has a 1960s vibe, like a cutesy movie set, and the people are all friendly and friendliness.
Billy also lives away from the paparazzi and restlessness of Beverly Hills, enjoying a laid-back local lifestyle.
Pasadena has an impossibly well-stocked video rental store and a rooftop theater above it, and everyone is a pro at enjoying life.
Billy’s art workshop is in the back yard of a friend’s eyeglass shop, with classic American cars and a stage, from which he sometimes broadcasts online.
Afterwards, we took a ride in his large pickup truck to explore the rare book “The Huntington” a gallery showcasing wonderful early American artists, and Australian and Japanese-themed gardens.
I can’t wait to introduce Billy Zane’s newest artwork at Speedy Gallery in the fall, which captures the mood of this colorful and friendly city. I hope you all look forward to it.