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そして、亡くなった3,025人の方と その家族のことを想像する。
普通に暮らしてて、ある日突然 理不尽なテロで人生を絶たれたとしたら…その家族だったら…大好きなあの人がいない明日を生きなくちゃならないとしたら…
If it is a human characteristic to forget more and more, it is also a human characteristic to remember whenever we can.
So when September 11 comes, I remember the terrorist attacks on the United States (September 11, 2001).
And I imagine the 3,025 people who died and their families. If they were living a normal life and one day, their lives were suddenly cut short by an inexcusable terrorist attack… If you were that family… If you had to live tomorrow without that person you love…
There is nothing more tragic than that.
I pray from the bottom of my heart that they may rest in peace.