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マイアミ・ダウンタウン隣のエリアに位置する倉庫地区、Wynwood Walls(ウィンウッド・ウォールズ)

A Tour of Wynwood Walls: Street art like nothing you’ve ever seen
マイアミ・ダウンタウン隣のエリアに位置する倉庫地区、Wynwood Walls(ウィンウッド・ウォールズ)に行ってきた。
そこに目をつけた元MOCA(ロサンゼルス美術館)のディレクターJeffrey Deitchが、街の中にストリート系アート専門施設を作ったのだ。ストリートから隔離されたミュージアムのような形で入場料をとり、複数のアーティスト展示を行なっている。外壁では数人のアーティストがライブペイントもみられる。
I visited Wynwood Walls, a warehouse district located in the area next to downtown Miami.
It used to be a dangerous warehouse district, but it was transformed into a street art district around 2009. Since it was originally a warehouse district, the walls were white, and street artists started to paint colorful murals on them.
Jeffrey Deitch, former director of MOCA (Los Angeles Museum of Art), noticed this and built a facility specializing in street art in the city. The facility is like a museum isolated from the street, charging an admission fee and exhibiting several artists. Several artists can be seen painting live on the exterior walls.
Some of the more famous artists’ works are still there. You should go there too!