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スピーディギャラリー・サンタモニカ : モエコマエダ圧巻のアートパフォーマンス!

2週間前にMoeko Maedaのオープニングがあった。
Two weeks ago Moeko Maeda had its opening party.
It was the best turnout ever, with a huge crowd of visitors. And the sheer energy of the artist performances was so incredible that it took me a while to post this. Let me start with the reactions of the guests.
#Erupt by Moeko Maeda
– Open the lid of your inner volcano / Make the way (2021-2022)
February 18th — March 25th, 2023
Opening : February 18th (Sat)5:00-8:00pm
Speedy Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave. B5B, Santa Monica, California, 90404
Sponsored by Speedy Property Management, Inc.
For the third performance of a series, Maeda will pray for three days, pacing in meditation, sewing raw silk into her painting and tying strands of her hair to the thread. In 2021, inspiration for the exhibition began from a dream of “Volcanic Energy” which erupts profound sentiment within us. Her intention is to remove blockages and be in harmonic flow for us all to carry light. On the finale of her performance and the beginning of the exhibition, February 18th, 2023 from 5:00-8:00pm, Maeda will have her head shaved to gratefully release what no longer resonates with us.
“May we connect to our center, let our inner volcano erupt, create our own foundation and allow ourselves to live our lives with the light of our inner life force that we have received”
Artist Bio
Moeko Maeda
Born in 1983, Hyogo Japan.
Currently lives in Los Angeles and works in contemporary art.