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Speedy Property Management : アンティーク20パーセントの法則

ロサンゼルスで、いくつかアンティークショップを回った。MDR(マリナデルレイ)から車で8分のところに「ザ・マート・コレクティブ」がある。16,000sq ft=1,486平米=450坪の広大な店内には、ありとあらゆる年代とテーマでコーナー作りがされている。本日で3回目の訪問😳
I visited several antique stores in Los Angeles. 8 minutes drive from MDR (Marina Del Rey), there is “The Mart Collective”. 16,000 sq ft (1,486 sq m) of space, the store has corners for every age and theme. Today was my third visit.
I design all the interiors myself, whether it is a hotel in Okinawa, a store in Roppongi, or a vacation rental in Palm Desert. The first step is to establish the concept. Will it be Greek, Palm style, or modern? Recently in L.A., Japandi is a style that is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian. It is based on monochrome and incorporates warmth and texture. In Los Angeles, the exterior is often beige-ish, which looks cute to the Japanese who cover the exterior walls with tiles, but it doesn’t look fashionable if everything around it looks like that. Where to break away from mediocrity is the key to showing a unique personality.
First, after deciding on a base style, buy new furniture for basic elements such as beds, chairs, and tables. All lighting, room corners, and ornaments are antiques. Sensibly place antiques in about 20% of the room.
Once you get that far, the next step is art. Since I run an art gallery, this is the point I am most particular about. A room is not complete without real art. Art is not framed. Reflections of lights reduce the quality of the art by half. Leave the canvas as it is, or at the most, only frame it and never put an acrylic board on it.
Next, consider the combination of the plant and the ceramic pot in which it will be placed. Large glass pots are not my favorite. I try to place antique ceramics as much as possible.
A room is never finished. It will always be a “work in progress. I buy more art, lamps, and antiques and replace them in short periods of time. You keep replacing until you find a certain place, and then you savor the best of that moment.
The Mart Collective
Antique, Vintage & Modern
16,000 sq ft – Open Daily 10am-6pm

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