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盟友 北ちゃん(北村勝利)が「自分AI化」プロジェクトで、動画を作ってくれた!



盟友 北ちゃん(北村勝利)が「自分AI化」プロジェクトをやっていて、動画を作ってくれた!

🔲 生成AIの学校〜自分AI化クラス
新刊「好きな人が 好きなことは 好きになる」(著者: 福田淳)
Speedy Books 2024年4月5日発売
My friend Katsutoshi Kitamura is working on a project called “Make Yourself AI” and made this video for me!
I recorded a video of me saying “ABCDEFG…” and other basic words. and my AI avatar can present it in 40 languages. This time, I tried using only English. It is a little bit choppy in some parts, but the overall quality is high!
If you are interested, please contact at
🔲 School of Generative AI – Self AIing Class
New book, “People who like what they like will like what they like.” authored by Archie Fukuda.
Available at bookstores nationwide or at the URL below.
Speedy Books April 5, 2024