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Speedy Gallery L.A. “Human Conditions” Artist : Spryros Prokokiou Term : April 1-May 27, 2023

“Human Conditions”
Artist : Spryros Prokokiou
Term : April 1-May 27, 2023
Spryros Prokokiou’s art is a diverse and intricate expression of the human experience that conveys our emotions. One of the most common themes in his work is eroticism, which is often misunderstood as sexual. Eroticism is the acceptance of the body, celebrating its beauty, deformity, and imperfections. It equally indicates exploring the duality of an individual’s personality, the chaos of life, and the concept of death. It’s orgasmic in nature, as it creates an aesthetic lure to evoke sentiment. Spyros’ works depict personal struggles endured, which connects with an emerging new subgenre of Conceptual Realism. The works presented utilize pencil to represent romance and charcoal to portray dominance, which reflects the complexities of modern life through the smokey textures. Each line is meant for mapping the body and allows a sensual declaration of the human form.
This art is the destruction of perfection on canvas. Prokopiou’s pieces are not limited by gender or sexual orientation, making it a powerful statement for his self expression. The remaining fragment of a memory is illustrated, highlighting the impermanence of our existence. The influential voice in his art celebrates our identity and explores issues faced in life. His conceptual realism is a form of art that combines abstract and reality, challenging each viewer to see beyond the surface.
Curation : Anatalia Bianchi
Speedy Gallery L.A.
2525 Michigan Ave. B5B. Santa Monica, CA, 90404