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This morning, as I was going from my house to the gallery where I work, all the screens on my Tesla blacked out. Since both the speedometer and gear position are displayed digitally, I couldn’t tell what kilometers or where I was going.
I asked Dr. YouTube and rebooted. The screen came back, but it said, “Upgrade your software!” I pulled up to the gallery entrance, connected to Wi-Fi, and was warned, “It will take 50 minutes to install, and you can’t drive during that time!” I was warned.⚠️
Tesla is not a car, it’s a computer. And I think it’s Windows.
What I think from this is that there is surely a possibility of a car like a smart phone being born.
Still, it is inconvenient to have a car that cannot be updated without bringing the whole car into a strong Wi-Fi environment. At the very least, they need to support 5G.
This is where we can find a hint of the next hit.