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福田 淳

Today is “The Memorial Day for the End of the War” in Japan. In the other countries it may be called “VJ Day”. 73 years ago today, the WWII was ended with two atomic bombs in cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. About 350,000 lives are taken in a moment.
War is horrible. Even people hope for “NO WAR” but war does not end in the world. Why is it so?

Sometimes, “War” can be justified above “terrorism”, but that is just caused from a racial hatred. There is no war appoints who is right and bad.

All might come from lack of imagination. Without an imagination, over millions of deaths are nothing more than just a large number or as you read crime news about a murder, you may stay on the sideline. The value of life is equivalent to your imagination of sanctity of life.

When you cut your finger it will hurt or when you get beaten it will hurt, but if you are the one beating one’s out then you won’t hurt that much. There are people who would think “he or she was beaten because he/she deserves it” or people who would think of his foolishnessfirst and regret his behavior.

Yes, the reason of the war is not caused by politician nor military, terrorist, it is just inside of us. It is a lack of our imagination.

Today, you should think and imagine feeling of the innocent people who were killed, and family and friends who lost dear at the war or terrorist attack.

The millions of ordinary day were taken by the atomic bombs, this cannot be forgiven. I really wish that all beings in the earth imagine about peaceful tomorrow.
I pray for the serenity of the people who lost at the war.

Atsushi Fukuda