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The 3 C’s City 4 Essentials for Running a Business


To live in the 3 C (confined spaces, crowded places, close contact) city, you need to provide these essential items.

(1) Masks that are durable in the summer season (face shield)
Cloth masks are too hot for summer, so I want to improve this by using face shields.  As a functions, it’s best to use to shield the mouths of chefs. For fun, I would like famous designers to create custom-designed face shields that can be printed via 3D printer for people to receive all over the world.

(2)Hand sanitizer dispensers that have sensors
You can’t really be sure of the effectiveness of using hand sanitizer if you have to push down the pump with your hands. That’s why automatic dispensers are more sanitary. When I reopen my gallery, I will have an automatic dispenser. Currently, I am testing one at my house.

(3) UV Sterilizer Light
At various restaurants, staff are wiping down chairs, tables, and pillars but, because this may seem useless,  install UV Sterilizer lights, so that you can see whether the bacteria has been wiped away.

(4) AI Thermometric Solution
Using AI face recognition technology and infrared cameras, in 0.5 seconds your temperature can be read even with a face mask and/or glasses.

AI thermometric Solution「SenseThunder」(Japanese)