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Let's change the wolrd!

Your brand will be the most powerful weapon
in your arsenall to change the world.


Host:Atsushi Fukuda

President's profile
Brand Consultant / Speedy, Inc. President
Born in Osaka, 1965 (53 years old)

Founder of Sony Digital Entertainment Inc.

Graduate from Art Department of Nihon University
K.I.T. Graduate School – Visiting Professor
Yokohama College of Art- Visiting Professor

- Cartier Award “Change Maker of the Year” (2016)
- Warner Brothers’ Award “Best Marketer of the Year” (3 consecutive years 2010 – 2012)
- Selected as one of “21st Century’s 51 Key IT People” by Nikkei (2001)
3 consecutive years 2010, 2011, 2012

Government Commission:
- Agency for Cultural Affairs: appointed as “Content Researcher”
- Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: “Information Age of Discovery” member
- Ministry of International Affairs and Communication: “Media & Software Study Group” member

- Representative Director of The association of Achantemama
- Auditor of Fathering Japan Auditor
- Co-founder of Tiger Mask Foundation

- This is OK as a 14 Year Old! (Kodansha)
- Vox Pop is a Lie (Satemaga Books)
- You Are Not Thinking to Profit from Social Media, Are You? (Shogakan)


Company name : Speedy, Inc.

Founded : September 7, 2017

Naoki Sakai
Atsushi Fukuda
Yoko Sakanoue
Atsushi Nunokawa
Takaharu Ando
・U.S. President
Aya Miyahara


8F, 7-7-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0032
2146 Sacramento St., Los Angeles, CA 90021
Narva mnt 5. 10117 Talinn Estonia