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    【Branding in the Design Management Era】 Presenter: Atsushi Fukuda Guest: Naoki Sakai (Venue:Waseda University Nihonbashi Campus WASEDA NEO Nov 22nd, 2018 at 7 pm)
    NAOKI SAKAI - conceptor, is invited as a guest for the first time to discuss the topics below. No Power Point Slides!All presented live! Let’s do it fun and creative!! ——————————— 【Branding in the ...

    ‘non’ on Iwate’s Rice Brand「Drop from the Galaxy」Commercial
    'non' is on Iwate’s Rice Brand「Drop from the Galaxy」commercial. Second year in a row. To express the 9 special features of this rice, Non dresses in 9 different styles. Client: Iwate Prefect...
    のん主演のLINEドラマ『ミライさん』第1話 配信開始されたよ。
    のん主演のドラマシリーズ『ミライさん』第1話 配信開始されたよ。 2018年9月8日(土)20:00~ ↓視聴はコチラから(無料) https://lin.ee/31HCQJo/lnnw 脚本:吹原幸太 出演: のん 本郷奏多 マキタスポーツ 堀内敬子    


    Sebastian Masuda  Point-Rhythm World 2018 -Monet’s Microcosm- Produced by Speedy, Inc./ Sony Digital Entertainment
    A world first sound VR! Don't miss it!! ------------------------------------------------ Sebastian Masuda Point-Rhythm World 2018 -Monet's Microcosm- Jul. 22 (Sun) -Dec. 2 (Sun), 2018 POLA Mus...
    NO MUSUC NO LIFE, 写真家 平間至さんと会う。
    三宿の「SUNDAY CAFE」を経営するアートラバーの吉野誠一さんのところへ遊びに行ったら、実はその隣が 大学の先輩で写真家の平間至さんのスタジオだった。そして、stillmovies展やタワレコの歴代のポスターが並ぶギャラリーなどてんこ盛りの楽しさ。 この隣のアンティークの「グローブ」もよく行く。ってことでお気に入りの場所がますます増えた。


    Remember 911…
    Having somebody in your life pass away is never easy, and when I stop to think about the thousands of people who lost fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters on 9/11, my heart sim...


Host:Atsushi Fukuda

President's profile
Brand Consultant / Speedy, Inc. President Born in Osaka, 1965 (53 years old)

Founder of Sony Digital Entertainment Inc.

Graduate from Art Department of Nihon University
K.I.T. Graduate School – Visiting Professor
Yokohama College of Art- Visiting Professor

- Cartier Award “Change Maker of the Year” (2016)
- Warner Brothers’ Award “Best Marketer of the Year” (3 consecutive years 2010 – 2012)
- Selected as one of “21st Century’s 51 Key IT People” by Nikkei (2001)
3 consecutive years 2010, 2011, 2012

Government Commission:
- Agency for Cultural Affairs: appointed as “Content Researcher”
- Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: “Information Age of Discovery” member
- Ministry of International Affairs and Communication: “Media & Software Study Group” member

- Representative Director of The association of Achantemama
- Auditor of Fathering Japan Auditor
- Co-founder of Tiger Mask Foundation

- This is OK as a 14 Year Old! (Kodansha)
- Vox Pop is a Lie (Satemaga Books)
- You Are Not Thinking to Profit from Social Media, Are You? (Shogakan)

Check Wikipedia for more information


Company name : Speedy, Inc.

Founded : September 7, 2017

Naoki Sakai
Atsushi Fukuda
Yoko Sakanoue
Atsushi Nunokawa
・Financial Adviser
Kazuhiro Tatsuki(Yotsubasogo Accounting Office, Partner, CPA)
・U.S. President
Aya Miyahara


8F, 7-7-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0032
2146 Sacremento St., Los Angeles, CA 90021
Narva mnt 5. 10117 Talinn Estonia