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[Dreifes 2018] (sponsored by NPO Dream Salaryman) We will be on stage on December 1st!

[Dreifes 2018] (sponsored by NPO Dream Salaryman)

I will be on stage on December 1st.

The organizer, Jun Oyagi, is a salesman who sells eco-friendly packaging materials at a trading company called Sojitz Planet.
At one point, I realized the importance of “companies” because I got stuck in work and had the opportunity to review my life.
After that, he started planning and managing this big event every year.

In order to make your dreams come true, there is a way to think about the realization of your dreams.
It seems that 200 people with such feelings will gather in Hibiya.

There will also be a lecture by Yoshie Komuro, President of Work-Life Balance Co., Ltd.
My turn is around 14:00. fun!

Event summary

Date: December 1st (Sat) 11:30 Open

Venue Hibiya Library & Museum
Hibiya Convention Hall (Large Hall)
1-4 Hibiya Park, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Price 3,500 yen (Dreifes only)
Application: Please apply in advance from the following