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Talked Talked [Offline Online] -“Voice Guide for Travel ON THE TRIP” (Part 1) Entrepreneur Yuki Naruse x Consultant Atsushi Fukuda


Mr. Naruse has abandoned his office and house, and is operating around the temple based on a van where he can sleep. The multilingual tourist information platform is growing at a rapid pace.
It’s amazing.

Talked Talk [Offline online] -“Travel audio guide ON THE TRIP” made in a van life (Part 1)

Entrepreneur Yuki Naruse x Consultant Atsushi Fukuda


Naruse “That’s right. We’re doing it with the intention that” the process itself will be interesting, and the content itself will be interesting. “So, you can actually go to the site, live, play, and experience the place. I’m thinking about how to inflate.

Of course, Kotaro Sawaki’s “Midnight Express” is interesting to read in Japan, but when you read it on the Trans-Siberian Railway or on the rattling railway in India, it tastes a little. If you read Taro Okamoto’s book called “Okinawa Cultural Theory” in Okinawa, it will stick directly to your stomach.

I think that the point in the future is that information based on the five senses will come in by experiencing the content related to that place at that place. When you think about what kind of guide you can tell about the situation, it’s the story of the place you listen to. Even as a guide to Kifune Shrine, I didn’t expect it to be used only at Kifune Shrine. I think it’s very interesting to be able to stream content that has a clear position that users can experience. ”

Composition: Junko Io
Photo: Yukiko Koshima