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Well, I’ll be young again! Boosts immunity by enhancing autologous lymphocytes 1,000-fold

Well, I’ll be young again! 😝

The theme that interests me these days is “immortality.
It all started with brand consulting for Keiko Matsumoto’s preventive medicine concierge service, Reed Inc.

What is important in an aging society is the idea of lowering medical costs by moving from a defensive to an offensive stance against disease.

Illness is a reckoning with the past. In contrast to the process of feeling sick, waiting in the hospital, and undergoing painful treatment, pre-symptomatic illness is an imagination of the future self. By knowing your condition (genome analysis, MRI level, intestinal flora, etc.), you can prevent illnesses before they occur.

In recent years, Angelina Jolie had her breast removed as a result of the “Mia Test” (an advanced blood test to predict disease early). It is the latest in predictive medicine to know without the onset of the disease.

This time, I tried “activated autologous lymphocyte therapy” at the Max Fax Ginza Clinic, which is designed to boost the immune system, which rapidly declines from the age of 50s.

If a person’s immunity peaks at 100 at age 20, it drops by half to about 50 after age 50.
Immunity is the number of soldiers that defend one’s body. If you have few soldiers, you are more susceptible to colds, viruses, and cancer. When bad guys come into your body, the more soldiers you have, the better. This is why this kind of treatment is called “preventive medicine.

This activated autologous lymphocyte therapy has been used to treat cancer patients for over 20 years and is the only clinic in Max Fax Ginza that is recognized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a facility that performs this therapy on healthy bodies.

Director Watanabe and all the managers are Kansai people! It is the Kansai people and the Chinese who do the adventures that others don’t do!

Then, two weeks after the blood sample is taken, the patient’s own lymph, cultured 1000-fold, is infused back into him or herself eight times. This will be done approximately every two weeks. One set approximately 4 months after blood collection.

I am being watched over by Mr. Tanezo Shibayama, the manager, and Mr. Matsumoto, for I am not good at blood collection (laughs).