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I had my fortune read by Nici, the hottest fortune teller in town!


It seems that Junko Io, an editor in charge of Speedy Inc. had her fortune told about Jun Fukuda by fortune teller Nici ( @nsikyg ), who seems to be very accurate. She didn’t say her name or anything, simply her date of birth.

It is a combination of Western astrology, Yin-Yang, the five elements, and the eight-character formula. And the result.

Special people, adventurers, wanderers
Weighted position
I’m blessed to have a stable business partner.
Stop-and-go is very intense.
…run amok and no one can keep up.
Cross-disciplinary, not specialized stupidity
Ability to summarize and explain key points.
Talkative, fashionable, popular
Venture, entertainment, not public, not general society, special place
…living with vision and passion.
He is a very sensitive dreamer.
It’s like crystallizing a molten metal, but softer and more flexible.
I don’t know where it’s going to fly.
. hypocritical to begin with.
The best way to use the lightness of footwork is to train people to use it.
I’m used to instability, so it’s easy to get over.
…2016 and 2017 were the easiest years to happen differently than the previous decade.

Photo by @PolinaGphoto