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Speedy also joined the Japan Climate Initiative (JCI).


Speedy also joined the Japan Climate Initiative (JCI).

Businesses: 316 (including 22 financial/investment institutions), local governments: 32, others: 98 (including 9 universities/research institutions, 3 business organizations, 7 consumer organizations, 4 cultural/religious institutions, 75 NPO/NGOs, etc.)

Following the passage of the Paris Agreement in 2015, non-state actors, such as corporations, local governments, and NGOs, are now playing a major role in the fight against climate change in many countries around the world.

More than 600 of the world’s leading companies participate in “We Mean Business,” a group of international organizations, think tanks, and NGOs that promote corporate and investor climate action.

In the United States, where the federal government has announced its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, more than 2,700 organizations have signed “We are still in,” a declaration of continued commitment to climate change action by businesses, state governments, and local governments.

In Japan, the Japan Climate Initiative was established as a loose network to strengthen information dissemination and opinion exchange among companies, local governments, and NGOs that are actively working on climate change countermeasures.

We call for the participation of many companies, local governments, organizations, NGOs, and others who support the declaration “Japan will join the global frontline for decarbonization”.

Secretariat Organization
CDP Worldwide-Japan
Japan Renewable Energy Foundation
World Wide Fund for Nature Japan (WWF Japan)
As of January 23, 2020, Total: 446 organizations