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Let’s prevent the spread of the new corona virus together!



The new coronavirus is spreading around the city of Wuhan, China.
I am worried about my friends in China.

In times like this, I believe that Japan, as a historic neighbor, should provide the greatest possible support.
As Asians, we help each other and pray for a quick return to a normal life.

A total of 3 billion Chinese are expected to travel home for the Chinese New Year (January 25th is Chinese New Year) starting this week, and a record 7 million people are expected to visit foreign countries (Japan and Thailand are the most frequent destinations) for a nine-day weekend.

The economic loss in the Asian region is also significant, and it is no longer just China’s problem, so we in the private sector should cooperate as much as we can. The Japanese government should also immediately distribute masks and other aid to China.

First, we would like to collect as many masks as possible and send them to Wuhan City. We are currently looking for information on where to send them and where to donate them.

As soon as we know, we will introduce it here as well.
We look forward to your support.

P.S.: Look at the map. Japan and China have such a close relationship.

Speedy Corporation
Jun Fukuda

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