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Lecture at Yokohama College of Art / Speedy Group 3 New Businesses

Lecture at Yokohama College of Art.

I had the opportunity to speak to 150 artist eggs about how to update the times. I was given three things that I am going to challenge myself to do in the future.
We will do a little bit every day without any context.


1. the best entertainment in the world
Creating a new entertainment industry in Japan
Show realized in a top-class theater in China
Creating a Japanese Artist Boom in Los Angeles
New base of operations in Africa

2. halting global warming
・NPOs for forest purchases in Borneo and other areas are now in full operation.
Donations using airline mileage
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the widespread use of artificial meat “heme
Held a private environmental summit

3. realization of longevity
Enlightenment of Precision Medicine
Promotion of preventive medicine (AI utilization, genome analysis, etc.)