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What Your Genes Can Teach You About Your Journey of Self-Discovery

Genetic research on “Jun Fukuda” reveals his roots! (GeneLife, Inc.)
My ancestors are northerners who originated on the Siberian Plateau 30,000 years ago, which is only 7% of the Japanese population.

Their ancestors joined the Ainu in Hokkaido from Siberia, but those who went directly to Queen Charlotte Island (an archipelago off the coast of Canada) became the Haida people.

The Haida people have their own culture, introducing themselves with dances and creating family crests with animal motifs (bear, eagle, wolf, and raven).


My ancestors spent a long time living in the frigid cold, eating fish and seaweed, and migrated across the continent to reach Coco. They have produced many athletes since then because of their long-distance travel. ←The data on amino acids shows this.

The Spirit of Haida Gwai,” art at the Vancouver Airport, is the work of artist Bill Reid, whose mother is Haida.

This makes me suddenly want to go there. One of the hundreds of islands in the Haida Gwaii archipelago off the coast of Alaska and Canada is the Queen Charlotte Islands, home to the Haida people.

The Haida people have lived on the islands for more than 7,000 years and have developed an outstanding traditional culture. Today, a decaying totem pole seems to stand quietly facing the sea.

From Vancouver, take a scheduled airline flight to Skidegate on Graham Island, which operates a daily flight to Sandspit on Mausby Island. Guay Haanas National Park is accessible only by boat, kayak, seaplane, or helicopter; it is not accessible by land.

Humans were born 200,000 years ago in Africa. DNA from the mother can be analyzed to find out.
Just take saliva from the mouth and send it. You should all try it.

Here’s the great back story. Taro Okamoto’s “Tower of the Sun” was inspired by the art of the Haida people. When he and Hachiro Yotsumoto (father of Shoji Otomo) were invited to commemorate the inaugural flight of Japan Airlines to Vancouver in 1963, he left the plane and went to the Charlotte Islands. It was inspired by a Haida totem pole they saw there. I heard this story directly from Hachiro Shijimoto’s wife, Ai Shijimoto, who also had a totem pole in her living room, a souvenir from Taro Okamoto.