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Talked Conversation [Coaching to Make the Business Elite Happy] (Part 2) Wealth Manager / Personal Coach Naoko Yamazaki x Brand Consultant Jun Fukuda

Naoko Yamazaki, a pro at coaching executives, talks too funny!
First, the manager must know himself; have him recall and sketch a ten-yen coin. Make them realize that they don’t know themselves, that they don’t know anything familiar.
In a family business, the founder can provide his successor with “education,” “network,” and “experience,” not “wealth preservation. I often hear founders lamenting that their sons are not good at earning money, but it is impossible for someone to be born wealthy and good at earning money. However, in order to maintain and develop the empire that has been built, it is better to learn how to spend (invest) rather than earn. You only need to hire someone to make money.
Successors can expand the company’s business if they inherit the human network from the founder and gain experience that others cannot. The logic makes sense.
Talked Conversation [Coaching the Business Elite to Happiness] (Part 2)
Naoko Yamazaki, Wealth Manager / Personal Coach x Jun Fukuda, Brand Consultant
When I’m coaching, I don’t make judgments about whether something is good or bad,” he said. It’s a natural part of coaching, but even if I’m sure you’ll fail, if you chose to go there, I’ll just make sure you make sense of why you chose to go there.
Why? Because it is my own judgment that if I go there, I will fail, or it will be no good. If I do that, then the person’s success is only within my frame of reference. If the person wants to go that way, and if he or she is satisfied with the reasons, then he or she should give it a try. Of course, from there, the branches and leaves split off again, so there are many things that can lead to success in a surprising place all at once. In coaching, I give feedback using words that come from the person himself or herself, and because he or she is convinced by his or her own words, it seems to fall into his or her stomach.
It is very important to maintain a sense of distance. If you look at things from a myopic point of view, you end up fitting them into your own frame of reference. So what is really important in coaching is that you don’t say, think, or lead from your own subjective perspective.”
Edited by
Junko Io
Composition: Chizu Sakaguchi
Photographed by
Yukiko Koshima
Date: November 26, 2020