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The post Corona Thoughts : Leave the City!

In his 1961 book, “The Death and Life of Great American Cities,” Jayne Jacobs wrote, “The ‘city’ was the great invention of mankind.

Before Corona, as many as 1.5 million people a week flocked to the city from the countryside. This was fast and large enough to create Los Angeles in two months.

With Corona, the urban cluster of companies needed to change its mind.
In today’s IT-enabled world, work styles are changing through remote work. The way urban development should be done will be fundamentally disrupted.

The “city” is no longer necessary as a place where people can work efficiently and spend time with friends and family.

NHK’s news coverage featured 45 companies researching the travel industry in New York. CEO Rafat Ali decided to exit the building due to poor performance in Corona. He decided it was better not to have an office with high rent because “now we have a lot of modern technology to keep in touch with customers without being able to see them. He started online lunches and social events in rented shared office space to help employees communicate with each other.

In addition, nearly 30% of the staff has left New York. Some of them moved to Texas, 1,400 kilometers away, to a single-family home with a garden four times the size for the same monthly rent of 350,000 yen for a 1DK.

I thought this kind of thing was a normal occurrence post-Corona.
Only Japan, however, seems to be different. As usual, packed trains are back and counting what percentage of people have returned to their offices.

As I have said many times, there is still no cure for corona and it will take at least a year and a half from now for a vaccine to become widely available. Yet, the lack of understanding of this fact should be remedied.

First, read this book!
Are you ready for the paradigm shift? 〜Toward the Post-Corona Era” (Author: Jun Fukuda)
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