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Post Corona Thinking : Becoming a Digital Winner

What should I do from the president of a company with someone like this? DX (Digital Transformation) is a cool word, but I don’t know what to do. In reality, the only way is to give it a try.

office worker
People who don’t know how to use Zoom forever.
People who try to work remotely when they don’t have Wi-Fi at home.
… Gallaghers who do not receive benefits.
People who try to order everything by fax.

Store manager
I still let people disinfect with alcohol. (I have to turn on deep UV-LED)
I do temperature checks manually. (We need to include AI temperature checks.)
You have to go to the restaurant to see how crowded it is (you can see it on Google Maps…).

To be a digital winner.
#NewNormal It would be a pleasure to create a manual for the times. It’s going to be important, like a digital landscaper.