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New Book “Are you ready for the paradigm shift? -Toward the Post-Corona Era” (Jun Fukuda): Please review!

When I publish a book, I am happy when a stranger buys it, but I am also happy when a friend reads it and gives me feedback.

Among the reviews, I was numb to the Amazon review by my business partner, Naoki Sakai.

From Naoki Sakai on June 17, 2020
He is a super businessman who constantly updates himself using all five senses.

The author of this book has an instinct for constantly updating himself by inputting information about work and play through his own five senses. He is a businessman and a creator.

The input information is edited and output by utilizing both the right and left brains. For him, everything is an experience using his own body, and his reflexes are everything in times of drastic change. The five-year plan that had been meticulously laid out will collapse in one fell swoop, as we saw with Lehman Brothers and COVID-19. Here is a super businessman who will use his intellectual and physical abilities to flexibly survive the changes that occur at any given moment.”

If you haven’t already, please do!
Are you ready for the paradigm shift? 〜˜Toward the Post-Corona Era’

We would appreciate your Amazon review as well.