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Speedy Farm Current Status: 5 farmlands total / 1,860 tsubo = 0.61 ha (hectares)

Speedy Farm Current Status

Currently, five farmlands are secured, totaling / 1,860 tsubo = 0.61 ha (hectares). We are one-third of the way to our goal of 2 ha in the first year, which is a good achievement for the fourth month since we started in March 2021.

No.1] 580 tsubo : Osato Nakama, Nanjo City
No.2] 250 tsubo : Osato Nakama, Nanjo City
No.3] 60 tsubo : Osato Nakama, Nanjo City
No.4] 600 tsubo: Tamaki Kakihana, Nanjo City
No.5] 370 tsubo : Kakihana Tamaki, Nanseong City

Farming is not profitable unless it is on a large scale.
Because of the simplicity of the business structure, the ratio of fixed costs must be lowered if the profit margin is to be increased. Therefore, the larger the farmland, the higher the profit margin. If possible, we would like to have flat, large tracts of farmland, rather than the slice-of-land described above, but the topography of Japan makes this difficult.

For your information, the following is the cultivated area per farmer per country
Australia: 4,200 ha
U.S.A. : 180ha
Israel: 100 ha *estimated
United Kingdom : 90ha
France : 61ha
Japan: 3ha

Japan has a lousy amount of arable land. Japan has too many farmers and too little arable land compared to other countries, making it internationally uncompetitive in terms of price.

As farmers are aging and abandoning more and more land, the company believes it will be easy for newcomers to expand their business to a larger scale.
Agriculture should be viewed as a completely IT business, not a hobby of tinkering with the soil.

Now, as they are acquiring new farmland one after another, cultivation is becoming a familiar process.
First, the soil is tilled using a giant excavator. The soil conditions are measured, including pH values, and organic compost is spread to make the land more fertile.

The next step is to secure water. A natural well is dug about 3 meters underground. The water will be stored in a few weeks. From there, drip irrigation (a method that minimizes water and fertilizer consumption by using tubes to slowly apply irrigation water and liquid fertilizer directly to the soil surface and root zone.
In Japan, the four seasons prevent cultivation during the dry season and overall yields do not increase. Drip irrigation is only 2 %しか普及していない。ちなみにイギリスは74% Israel are at %しか普及していない。ちなみにイギリスは74% 99%, respectively.

With a drip irrigation network, it can be linked to when IoT sensors and AI are used to ensure unparalleled yields. That is how important drip irrigation is.
The farm is thoroughly enclosed to prevent theft, and HD cameras are installed on each farm through electricity, allowing the growers to check on their progress live 24 hours a day. In the event of theft, the HD images stored in the cloud can be used to confirm the theft.

Right now, crops are being planted under these conditions. By harvest time, they hope to incorporate robotics and post-harvest technology (technology that allows for immediate transportation while maintaining freshness).

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