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My Commitment Draft : Drinking Yamazaki…

While worrying about carbon dioxide emissions, Yamazaki’s “LIMITED EDITION 2021.” I drink a glass of ( New oak barrels made from Japanese oak, Quercus crispula )

amazing (e.g. of a person) BAR There are many special Yamazaki’s in the area. A pledge made in the midst of bliss.

All rooftops of urban buildings should be turned into farms or solar panels.

The company has created a system where all food loss from restaurants and supermarkets is delivered to neighborhood temples and distributed free of charge to those in need.

All sidewalks of a certain size should be allowed to operate as terraces.

Ban all cabs that are not cashless.

interpoint (interword separation) 65 People aged 18 and over are eligible to receive a my number card and Suica Provision of tablets with installed software.

Ban elementary school testing and train students to play with nature.

In addition, from junior high school onward, the company will adopt a selective elite education system and reduce tuition by half.

Those who vote more frequently in elections will have their pensions prorated.

We can pay anything, even taxes, with virtual currency.

… and upwards