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Factfulness : Escaping the Vaccine Frenzy


The effort to know the facts is easy.

Nowadays, with the Internet, it is easy to find out most information.

Still, I am fed up with the number of people who are afraid of adverse reactions or conspiracy theories without bothering to check the facts.

Here is the difference between the U.S. and Japan in the number of deaths in Corona.

Japan is a country with 1/18 The number of employees is held down to This means that the IOC In the eyes of the “safe country”, we look like a “safe country”, don’t we?

U.S. Deaths/Total Population 3 Billions 314.4 10,000,000 9,281 Persons = (%) 0.18% (0.18%)

Number of deaths in Japan 14,611 Persons/total population 1 100 million 2622 10,000,000 7,000 Persons = (%) 0.01% (0.01%)

* 6 Months 25 As of

Pfizer Inc. 2 After the second inoculation 37.5 The number of people with a degree or higher 39%. .

20 Younger people, such as those in their 20s, have a slightly higher percentage, but still 50 about.


This means that 2 The second fever has some probability of occurring. (I had none. )

So, if you prepare and take “Tylenol” (acetaminophen ingredient) sold at Matsukiyo, you are good to go.

The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare (MHLW) also has other “contac ( Ibuprofen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug ) and over-the-counter antipyretic analgesics such as “Loxoprofen” are also effective in relieving fever, according to the report.

So, to all of you who are just frightened.

Those who are convenient enough not to vaccinate themselves because they will be immunized if everyone else does, should reconsider the situation they are in. Of course, neither I nor anyone else who has been vaccinated knows what the future holds. However, it is a fact that coronas have brought the world to a standstill, and have ruined everyone’s life, economy, and society, so vaccination may be considered a half-mandate.

This will continue every year for at least the next few years. And Corona will continue to send mutant strains around the world with its fate at stake. The UK is on lockdown again, despite the vaccine spread.

Essentially, vaccine development is 5 years. 10 It takes years to complete a project, but with the development of life science, it takes only a few years to complete a project. 1 The development was completed in only two years. It has never been used as a vaccine. mRNA Messenger RNA This is because we were able to develop a method called

Conventional vaccines deliver weakened viral proteins from the outside, whereas mRNA The difference is that in the case of vaccines, human cells work like a vaccine factory, producing viral proteins inside the body. The early development of mRNA Vaccines can be used against any disease as long as the genetic information of the virus is known. In other words, genome analysis can be used to AI The development process was shortened by the fact that it could be done instantaneously using The development of vaccines will continue to be provided as the analysis of variants that appear one after another continues.

If we keep on chasing these precise world movements, our course of action will be clear.