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Speedy Farm : Cherry tomatoes and Okinawa olives “Moraiola

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Harvested cherry tomatoes that were growing wild. They taste sweet and sour like grapes.
I made a salad by tossing this with oil from an Okinawan olive tree called “Moraiola” that I found at a nearby “Kariyushi Market”.
Oh, my God! It was exquisite.
I would like to consider planting olive trees. Olive trees are almost non-existent in Okinawa because it is too tropical. But this variety seems to be okay. I need to think about it.
Below is information on the Moraiolo variety. For your own notes.
Originating in Tuscany, Italy, it is widely grown in central Italy and is well known for its high oil yield.
The Moraiolo variety has about 30 other names for the Moraiolo olive, which exhibits very balanced sensory characteristics.
The best known of these are Carboncella, Morellino, Nerella, and Tondello. The olive tree is small and straight, with moderately sized, rounded fruit.
Moraiolo is also known for its high production and high oil yields, but in contrast, the plant is susceptible to low temperatures and is unable to repair cuts caused by pruning or other means. It is also characterized by its very slow growth rate.
The nose is medium-intensity green fruity with artichoke and herbal flavors. The richness is reminiscent of a thick meadow that fills the mouth and nostrils. The bitterness and pungency of the medium intensity are very well balanced and persistent. Thanks to its high content of phenolic compound oils, the bitterness and pungency are perceived as more intense when used with water.
The oil with a high percentage of moraiolo seeds contains a good balance of biophenols and is highly effective in terms of health. It has been recognized as a ゙ It also boasts high contents of oleic acid and squalene, as well as other hydrocarbons essential for molecular function.”
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