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Non-Euclidean space playing with nature

I would like to refute the theory that people (especially men) in the South do not work.

In Tokyo, I can do about 5 jobs in a day, but in Okinawa I can only do about one.
I have spent a year researching this curious issue.
Apparently, the earth seems to be the same but different. I found that there is something like a “twist” in space.
Undoubtedly, a non-Euclidean space like painter Maurits Cornelis Escher’s work “Relativity” (1953) exists on the South Island.
I was SUP’ing and soon it was evening! (Amazing)
Due to the structure of extremely short daylight hours, only one job could be done in Okinawa at most.
With this discovery, we will no longer have people (especially men) in the tropics being called lazy.