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Urban Farming (Urban Home Garden) Becomes a Locally Produced, Locally Consumed Community with IoT

I met with Koetsu Serizawa, founder of Plantio, for the first time in a long time.
Urban Farming (also known as urban vegetable gardening or micro-farming) is a social community that utilizes the internet under the banner of “democratization of food”.
Developed “geow CONNECT,” an IoT device equipped with multiple sensors necessary for vegetable cultivation, by raising funds through crowd funding. On an idle lot on the roof of a building in the city (here on top of the Tokyu Land Corporation building in Ebisu), he is creating a vegetable garden by spreading soil (using compost, which is 1/6 the weight of regular soil) and enclosing it with wooden frames made from railroad sleepers.
The IoT device “geow CONNECT” analyzes data on the location, weather, and soil condition of the location, and the AI analyzes the data to determine the timing of watering, thinning, and ゙ and other cultivation conditions are notified by the app every second.
Members enter the building through the QR on the app and farm in their spare time using the farm equipment and fertilizers provided. It is said that some office workers water the plants during their lunch break. All members take care of the various vegetables planted on the farm, such as carrots and kale. No one is allowed to choose which plot belongs to whom. Because of this sharing, a community is formed in real life.
Members can go to any location and work or farm on terraces around the fields. Those who farm a lot, get points from everyone else, and get priority access to the harvest.
Corona will increase the preference for eating at home and promote local production for local consumption of agricultural products. In addition, by utilizing the rooftops of buildings, the urban heat island effect can be reduced, killing two birds with one stone. (Urban Agriculture)
Mr. Serizawa’s efforts will undoubtedly expand worldwide in the future.
Agriculture (farming) has already turned into an important IT job.
Companies offering idle land on building rooftops (Tokyu Land Corporation, Theron Industries, Yasuda Real Estate, etc.)