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The world’s first genome-edited tomato plants have arrived! Agriculture becomes an IT business using life sciences.

The world’s first genome-edited tomato plants have arrived!
This tomato is called “Sicilian Rouge High GABA” (Sicilian Rouge High GABA).
Sanatech Seed Corporation, a Tsukuba University venture, developed this GABA hyper-accumulator tomato with the first approval from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
Genome-edited seeds contain 4 to 5 times more GABA (GABA) than normal. They are rich in amino acids that are expected to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.
Professor Hiroshi Ezura of Tsukuba University, who serves as the company’s director and chief technology officer, said, “This will probably be the first time in the world that vegetables and other products using genome editing technology will be sold. We want to sell them in a face-to-face manner.
I believe that the future of agriculture requires the following “3+3” elements.
About Production
(1) Genome Editing for High Functionality in Agricultural Crops
(2) Optimize training through IoT data analysis
(3) Reduction of labor costs through robotics
About Sales
(1) Super logistics: on the table a few hours after being picked
(2) D2C: Direct sales from farmland to home, such as Eat Choku and Pocket Marche
(3) Branding: Helpful to longevity, environmentally friendly, beautifully creative
We would like to experimentally grow the tomatoes we have been given to share on the land of Okinawa Speedy Farm. (The seedlings this time are not for sale. I believe they will be available from Sanatec Sheet Co. shortly!)
I am also grateful to hear from Mr. Shinpei Takeshita, President of Sanatec Seed Co. I can’t wait to taste it.