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Potential of boyfriends in New York (Factfulness)

Lucy and Tom’s Factfulness Talk
Lucy, who wants a boyfriend, is talking with Tom, a waitress at her favorite bar.

Tom: “You’re cute, you’re a hot New Yorker, and don’t you have about a billion candidates online?”
Lucy: “Do you realize how many candidates there are? There are 8 million people here in New York.”
Tom “Right.”
Lucy: “But half of them are women, and also, like, college students and stuff, it’s like they’re not eligible.”
Tom: “And you still say it’s difficult?”
Lucy: “There are four million men, and then there are those over 20 years old…”
Tom: “Yes, that’s right. You have to be an adult.”
Lucy: “And yet, under 40.”
Tom: “Sexy.”
Lucy: “Now we’re up to about a million people.”
Tom: “Now you’re talking about a million targets.”
Lucy: “But another half of them are married and 10% are gay. They have college degrees, they’re not ubiquitous…”
Tom: “So that’s your potential boyfriend.”
Lucy: “No. So, you’re taller than me, and you like children…”

Film “Till Watashi Finds Me” (2016)
– ‘How to become single’.

Tom: That’s not weird at all. What are you really doing online.
I mean, you’re a pretty girl.This is new york city.There’s a billion people outside that door.

Lucy: Yeah, but how many eligible people?
Ok, there are eight million people in this city.Sounds like a lot,right?

Tom: It does.
Lucy: But half of them are women, and as hard as I tried in college, I don’t swing that way.
Tom: How hard did you try?
Lucy: So, four million men, and you’ve got to have some age limits.Let’s say over 20.
Tom: Keep it legal.
Lusy: Under40.
Tom: Keep it sexy.
Lucy: Now it’s a million.
Tom: Right.We’re talking about a million guys.
Lucy: But half of them are married. Ten percent gay.I want someone collage-educated, not too ugly.
Tom: There’s your boyfriend.
Lucy: I wish he’s got to be taller than me, and… Lucy: I wish he’s got to be taller than me, and…

[How To Be Single] Lucy x Tom
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