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Hacking Investigations Made Easy with iPhone : The Genius to Find!

Easy hacking investigation.

Wife Arrested as Suspect in Kishu Don Quijote President’s Murder
The GPS information was retrieved from the seized smartphones of the methamphetamine dealer and his wife, and the date, time, and location were matched, which is the reason for the arrest.
If any of you are thinking that this is some great high tech, check out your own phone as follows.
★ “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “Location Based Services” -> “System Services” -> “Frequently Used Locations”.
You should see a list of cities and wards that you have visited in the past.
When former Diet member Kawai and his wife were arrested in March of last year, this function was used to extract historical information, which revealed their activities. A Hiroshima City Council member of the Liberal Democratic Party, who was interviewed, testified, “I was told that the information was used to find out what they were doing.
In late March, I was contacted by the Hiroshima District Public Prosecutor’s Office and questioned. I was also asked to submit my smartphone, which I gave to the prosecutor. When I was interviewed, the prosecutor asked me, ‘At what time and place in Hiroshima City on May 0 of last year, did you see Katsuyuki? I looked at my notebook, and sure enough, it was the same day that I had been with Katsuyuki. The prosecutor explained that the app’s history matched their location information.
The app identified the day when Katsuyuki Katsuyuki, the suspect, told him, ‘You won’t be bothered if I get it,’ etc., and pushed the money on him. The history showed that they were together for less than five minutes. The prosecutor’s office had done a lot of research. I was surprised.” I was surprised,” he said.
Since then, there were even some council members in Nagatacho who switched to Galaga Kei (laugh).
I no longer have any privacy just because I have a smartphone, but I have also purchased an Apple Air Tag…
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