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Speedy Farm: A Note on Land Improvement – Thanks to Jargal Soil

Speedy Farm Land Improvement Memo.
Amateurs really are a frightening thing.
This farmland is clayey because it is based on the fertile jargal soil (kucha) of southern Okinawa. However, it was after a rain on the day when we first put the yumbo (hydraulic shovel) into the weed-strewn wilderness.
I should have dug up the soil when it was dry, but I was in a hurry because I wanted to do everything “speedy”. I was too lazy to do anything else.
This turned the soil into large lumps of clay, making planting difficult.
The tractor was then put in several times, which was more labor intensive and did not provide the seedlings with the original nutrients of the jargal soil.
Therefore, two measures were necessary. First…
(1) Soil improvement in unplanted areas
Pearl Rock Perlite” was sprayed on the ground surface and plowed immediately afterward with a tractor at a depth of 25 cm.
(2) Land improvement in areas already planted
Mixture of 100% Okinawa-grown “cow manure/pig manure fully matured compost” and “pearl rock perlite” in the ratio of 3:1.
Dig up the planted saplings (about 50 cm in diameter and 50 cm deep)
Put back a little more than half of the soil that was dug out, make a shallow hole, put the sapling back in it, and put amended soil in it.
Do not bury all of the roots in the ground, but fill in the area where the roots are above the surface of the ground (make ridges).
When you make ridges, the roots are exposed to the sun, so they spread out horizontally and take root more easily.
Better water retention of soil in the area directly under the trunk
All that remains is to wait for them to grow in the wonderful sunshine and nutrient-rich soil of Okinawa.
Of course, agriculture is not as passe as IT programs.
I am the one who doesn’t understand even such a simple and obvious thing that anyone would understand.
Thank goodness I can screw up a lot!