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XR world where realism and virtuality merge and actors and models no longer need to be on location.

A quick snap with multi-creator Roland Kirishima in the world’s most prestigious 3D scanning room!

CyberHuman Productions (CyberAgent), of which Mr. Kirishima is a board member, has been working on cutting-edge technologies such as AI, 3DCG, Photogrammetry, and XR. The company is trying to create a new world that makes full use of technology.
XR (Extended Reality) is a brilliant realization that allows actors to be fully avatars and act in real time against a CG background.
Once 5G is widespread, it will be possible to serve customers remotely in real time.
The world of science fiction will be realized in an exponential society.
◆ Reference
VR / AR to XR (Extended Reality) Case Study: Katy Perry’s Live TV Show