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Entrepreneur Max Hodak, an expert in bioengineering, envisions a Human 3.0 world.

Human 3.0… The era of “Human 3.0” is coming.
You should keep an eye on Max Hodak, who is now 31 years old.
Hodak is an entrepreneur with a specialty in biomedical engineering (Biomedical engineering).
Hodak has experience founding and selling a company called My Fit, which provides a service that allows high school students to choose the right college for them.
At the age of 21, he started Transcriptic (Transcriptic) with VC investment from Google. This is a venture that uses the cloud to generate and process data for new drugs, which takes an average of 12 years, remotely and for a low cost, with automated robots generating and processing the data. Thanks to this company, it is now possible to produce trial results in just a few days.
Later, he co-founded Neuralink with Elon Musk, a company developing a brain-computer interface (BCI) that connects the brain to a computer.
In 2020, Neuralink plans to use a surgical robot to implant a thread thinner than a human hair into the human brain and play music “directly to the brain” without headphones. Announced.
And now there is a video of a monkey playing a “ping-pong game” that is getting a lot of attention.
The monkeys were implanted with chips six weeks ago, improving the monkeys’ ability to reproduce their desired movements. The experiment, while scary to watch in some respects, is researching the possibility of people with paralyzed limbs being able to move their prosthetic arms and legs as they wish.
Furthermore, Hodak says that in 15 years, it would be possible to create real dinosaurs from dinosaur DNA, as depicted in the movie “Jurassic Park. This is a new way of thinking that not only saves endangered species, but also ensures biodiversity by reviving extinct species.
It is interesting that all of this sounds like science fiction and could be realized.
Incidentally, this photo shows the Mark Manders exhibition currently being held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Don’t miss it!
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