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The program “TheUPDATE” – Is the NFT really worth it? (NewsPicks Studios) Short version (21 minutes)

Is the program “TheUPDATE” NFT really worth it?
(NewsPicks Studios)
Tuesday, April 13, 22:00 – 23:05
Takehito Akazawa / Nanan Okui / Jun Fukuda / Daimao Kosaka / Aimi Kekiguchi / Yosuke Shiraishi / Hirohisa Kunimitsu
Program Contents
Suddenly, NFTs (non-replaceable tokens) are booming around the world. U.S. artist Beeple’s work sold for 7.5 billion yen, Twitter CEO’s first tweet sold for over 300 million yen, and in Japan, an NFT work by Aimi Sekiguchi sold for about 13 million yen….
The NFT market has expanded rapidly, generating more than $1 billion in 30 days. However, amidst a series of transactions at “extraordinary” high prices, some are skeptical whether NFT is a transient bubble or whether there is any point in owning digital data in the first place.
With the uncertain future of the NFT, including Takashi Murakami’s announcement that he will no longer exhibit NFT works, there will be an in-depth discussion on why the NFT has gained momentum, whether it should be invested in as a digital asset, and what will change in value in the future due to digitization.

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