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Speedy Farm: Staff Wanted! Nanjo, Okinawa

I think agriculture is the best art ever conceived by man.

It is often said that we live in harmony with nature, but I think it is rather the opposite. I think the challenge for agriculture is how to push forward human civilization while knowing nature.
Otherwise, there is no way such an abundance of crops could be produced in such large quantities, contrary to nature.
(The agricultural revolution that took place mainly in 18th century England improved productivity and allowed people to control nature throughout the year.)
The ultimate goal of Speedy Farm is to realize “one-person farming” that can be controlled by a smartphone using “robotics + AI.
However, local people advised me to think about employment in Okinawa, so I decided to take this opportunity and make a robot or a human being. ゙I would like to see if we can discover each other’s roles.
First of all, if you are in the neighborhood, apply to try it out.
Speedy Farm (Agriculture)
Work by car OK Academic background not required
Agricultural staff. No farming experience necessary! Please help for 2-3 hours twice a week at a time of your choice.
Agriculture : General agricultural work such as planting seedlings and trees, plowing, watering, etc. Reporting on the growth status and condition of the farm via LINE, etc.
Employment Type : Part-time
Location : Osato, Nanjo City, Okinawa, Japan
Number of applicants : 2
Age : 18 to 50 years old
Employment Period : Start Date: Sunday, April 25, 2021 –
Working hours : Any time you like
Overtime : No
Remarks : Please have a cell phone and be able to communicate smoothly on line or by email! Even if you have no experience in agriculture, you are welcome if you are “proactive in everything you do”, “physically strong & vital, and responsible”!