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NON” was in charge of the cover art for the historical drama magazine “Serif no Jidai 2021”!

NON” was in charge of the cover art for the historical drama magazine “Serif no Jidai 2021″!

Serif no Jidai” was a drama magazine published by Shogakukan from 1996 to 2010. The magazine was sadly discontinued in 2010, but has now been specially edited and published as “Serif no Jidai 2021” (The Age of Serifs 2021).

The spread of the new coronavirus around the world has made it difficult to hold regular theater performances for a long time, but even in the midst of such a coronavirus disaster, plays can deliver the playwright’s very words.

It is precisely because of this situation that this magazine was published, based on the idea that “now is the time for plays,” in the hope of bringing the current words of playwrights to people throughout Japan who are eagerly awaiting plays.

This painting is the result of a work presented at the 2018 “‘Non’ Hitori Exhibition -Girls Gleam Their Fangs-” that was used for the cover design. The face of a character drawn by Nonn was designed for the cover, following the motif “face” of the previous cover art of “Serif no Jidai.”

It is available in bookstores and e-books. Please take a look.

A limited revival of the legendary play magazine thirsted for by theater fans.

Special feature 1, “Stories Weaving Post-Corona,” features newly written short plays by 24 popular playwrights, from veterans to young playwrights, and part of five new plays scheduled to be performed.

Special Feature 2: “Legendary First Issue Re-recorded! ~The “Message to the Theater World from the Corona Disaster” features a dialogue between Yasushi Inoue and Oriza Hirata, essays by Minoru Bessyaku and Kunio Shimizu, and the preparatory draft of Hideki Noda’s play “The Red Devil”!
In addition to a special interview with Makoto Sato, the cover art is by actress Non.

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