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Speedy CryptoArt Gallery : The Future of Crypto Art (NFT Art)

7.5 billion yen BEEPLE’s “EVERYDAYS” arrived ← Fake (explosion) No, it’s not a fake, it’s a canvas-finished piece that was properly purchased from BEEPLE’s official website.

Is cryptoart (NFT art) really an innovation in the art world?
Indeed, he has been writing digital art and presenting it on Twitter and other media for 5,000 days without a break every day since 2007, so I think there is tremendous energy in the world of his work.

Labor” is a part of the evaluation axis of art. It is possible that time and effort are reflected in the evaluation and sales price. On the other hand, there are artists whose works are highly evaluated in the market even if they are one-stroke works.

Now, since the high bids on March 11, crypto art has been attracting the attention of everyone and his or her own. I opened the Speedy CryptoArt Gallery, but I’m sure the average person has no idea what I’m talking about.

Existing art galleries are suddenly being pulled into the world of virtual currency, a world they had no connection to, with a mixture of fear and curiosity.

The IT industry involved in virtual currency has finally found something close to reality! The “virtual currency” is a new concept that is being developed in the U.S., and is expected to be used for everything from art, to music, to fashion.

As it stands, the cryptoart that is sold is merely a JPEG image or MP4 video data with an embedded digital history. There is no sense of ownership, no DRM. Famous artists can enjoy a short-lived bubble with their piece of fame. Young CG artists were also given a certain period of promotion as early as possible.

Now, how can this field of cryptoart come into its own? We gallerists/marketers/producers must think about it.

In every age, the media (vessel) is first, and then the content (substance) is considered. New media, multimedia, and broadband have always been conceived first in terms of the vessel and later in terms of the content.

For now, let us enjoy this BEEPLE fake with a nostalgic feeling for the 20th century.



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