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By corona, what was lost …

There are quite a few things that have been lost due to the corona.
Lost may be an overstatement. I guess I lost interest in it.
First of all, urban sense.
Since there were no more parties and events due to the self-restraint, dressing up, fashion, and related items. Interest in watches and jewelry has waned.
Gyms are closed, or if they are open, they are so dense and scary that I stay home and eat and gain weight. But I do want to go to restaurants and bars!
Trepanning has become the norm because it is not seen by many people.
Furthermore, since I had fled to Okinawa and other places in the south, I no longer needed a belt or shoes. Just go naked!
What was I like in the past when I was so desperate to keep my frequent flyer status because I couldn’t go overseas!
Oh, how much have we lost and how much have we gained in just one year?
Should I become a minimalist? No. Or is this just a pause in life?
Just be healthy! but that’s not what I’m talking about. We definitely want to be healthy, but we also need to think about our mental health and, more importantly, the stimulation of our new life after Corona.
What Corona has reminded me of myself is not that the simple life is nice. It is about maintaining an energetic curiosity. To have faith in the intelligence that will not give up on the evolution of civilization. To understand the diversity of life and to embrace disorder.
So, after all, after Corona, everyone can dress up, eat good food, travel around the world, and become the best version of themselves. I wish I could be myself!