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On the 13th Anniversary of the Genius Editor Masaru Uchida’s Death: The Three Conditions of a Big Shot: “Eats Well,” “Speaks Loudly,” and “Never Lies

Masaru Uchida, the genius editor who made numerous manga hits such as “Star of the Giants,” “Gegege no Kitaro,” “Kamen Rider,” “Tiger Mask,” “Ashita no Joe,” and “Tensai Bakabon,” and brought Tsuburaya’s “Ultra Q” to the world after it had been put on hold.

May 30 was the 13th anniversary of Uchida-san’s death. This year, due to the Corona disaster, we were not able to get together, but in June we plan to visit his grave in Iruma.

Masaru Uchida is a mentor who has been a great influence in my life. He used to list “eat well,” “speak loudly,” and “never lie” as the requirements for a big man.

When I started my own business in 2007, I asked for an advisor and he said, “I give advice, but I don’t discuss it.” He implicitly told me that as president, I should make my own decisions.

↓ Blog post when Mr. Uchida passed away (2008).

↓A special lecture on the soul that he gave to our employees just before he passed away.

Even now, when I make an important decision, I get advice from Masaru Uchida, who lives inside me.