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Post-Corona Thoughts : What is the secret of remote work?


I wonder what the secret of remote work is.

Finally, the self-restraint is lifted and the new style of work #NewNomal begins.
There are a hundred discussions on how to change the way we work, mainly on business websites and magazines, but what kind of #NewNormal are you thinking about?

First of all, I think of remote work in this way.
It is like “a person who is playing with a computer at a café is moving a crane at a construction site far away. It looks like he’s not doing much, but he’s actually doing a great job.

The question is whether or not they can do major new business with a foreign counterpart who is a stranger to them. In that sense, you might be good at remote work, like a trading company employee.

In the end, wherever you are, think you can do the job.” It’s not “I can,” it’s “I think I can.

Business negotiations can be conducted in any pattern, whether traveling, in person, or via Zoom. Negotiations are about advancing, refusing, and examining, so anything is fine as long as the work gets done.

And the most important thing is how to chat with them.
I prefer phone calls to generate, refine, and expand ideas. I call the right person for the job, and a sudden call with no notice, like a Zoom meeting, is the best way to get a feel for the person.

According to Philippe Starck, all you need is a quiet space, paper, and pencil to come up with good ideas, but you may need a little more practice to reach that level.