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The post Corona : Jump before you look!

People panic when they cannot read the situation. However, when the situation is unfamiliar, some people are suddenly energized and able to show their talents, rather than panic. Such people are those who do not try to control the situation but accept the chaos as it is.

So, what you are doing is absurd and no one should be able to understand it. That person doesn’t understand either. But people’s sensibilities will be stimulated by the ferocious energy and they will follow.

Maybe Mr. Byodo of “Sudara-bushi” is that kind of person. He says, “I know, but I can’t stop,” but he doesn’t really understand. “I can’t stop because I don’t understand.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t be such an energetic and groundless person.

Anatomist Mengji Yoro
You know the term “crisis management. A situation that cannot be managed is called a crisis, but people today dare to manage it.” NHK Good Morning Japan