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Corona thinking : the only thing scarier than infection is that it robs people of their ability to think.

Corona: The deeper reason for the increase in the number of people who are “insecure,” “follow authority,” and “want to hit others.

I enjoyed this article written by Ore Chang (@selfcomestomine), a writer with expertise in evolutionary psychology. I can summarize it in my own way as follows


Humanity is an “animal” that has evolved its “mind” over a long period of time, but suddenly loses its logic when it comes to viruses and natural threats.

Psychologically speaking, it seems that “the behavioral immune system, which deals with the threat of infectious diseases,” also turns humans into racists (racists) and conformists (regime conformists).

The decision to “follow the norms and manners” is intuitively guided rather than a rational decision based on conscious deliberation.

People who are aware of the threat of infection are more likely to support values in accordance with social conventions (i.e., they are less likely to accept novel values), and they develop a stronger sense of contempt and punishment for those who violate the norm,” he says.

All human cultures are laced with “superstition,” that is, beliefs that cannot be explained by rational reasoning. Those who stubbornly practice traditional folk remedies that still exist in some parts of the world do not have the medical or logical knowledge to explain why they think their methods work.

The true horror of a pandemic is that it robs people of their ability to think. What is even more frightening is that social pressure will build up against those who are not conformist and who are willing to think for themselves.

↓ That’s why this is happening.

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But it is also an interesting perspective to say that humanity has developed because there is no reason. Even if we don’t know the principle of the microwave oven, we use it because everyone says it’s convenient, which is why it is so popular.

You should get into the habit of thinking about some essential things before adapting to the system. With five infected, I don’t think there is any basis for continuing to lock down.